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The only adventure of its kind in Hawaii. Experience the magic of Polynesia on a Hawaii ATV Tour and discover different regions each with its own fun activities. Our Polynesian wood carving tours allow guests to craft their own souvenir with a 4th generation Master Carver from Tonga.

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What a beautiful experience! The tour guides were amazing and the scenery is breath taking. It was a fun for my whole family!

Waller OhanaFacebook

Went out yesterday on the Polynesian ATV tour with some friends. It was definitely the most fun I've had since coming to island. All of the staff was so friendly and helpful. Our guides were awesome, and made the experience so fun and something to remember!

Jenae RitchieGoogle

Had the best time doing a Polynesian ATV tour with them! It was not only a great course to drive an ATV on but all the stations were super fun and very informative. Our guides were both awesome! They obviously had extensive knowledge of Polynesian culture and history. Would highly recommend to anyone visiting the Big Island.

Jessi BowserFacebook

We did both the ATV tour and the wood carving. I loved cruising around learning the islands' cultures, playing games, and the entertainment! Our guides were awesome, super fun experience. The wood carving teacher is a fourth generation carver in the traditional style and an excellent teacher.

Michael HemmatGoogle

Hands down the best cultural experience on the island! There is definitely something to be said for cruising on your own ATV through the coffee trees, beautiful rainbow eucalyptus trees and untouched Hawaiian jungle!

Sara GustafsonFacebook

We had an amazing experience on the ATV tour - learning about the history and cultural practices of different islands of Polynesia not only made it a fun adventure, but educational, engaging and informative too! We felt totally immersed in the experience! Thank you!

Hailey PalmoreGoogle

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