Shaka Necklace


This iconic Hawaiian gesture is captured in delicately detailed brass. A perfect way to exhibit your coolness in the most elegant of environments. Hand is 5/16″ from pinky to thumb and comes on an 18″ silver chain.

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Introducing our Shaka Necklace from Aloha Adventure Farms, a symbol of good luck and positivity! Crafted with care, this necklace features the iconic shaka hand gesture, a beloved symbol of Hawaii’s laid-back and friendly spirit. Embrace the Aloha vibes and bring a touch of island charm to your style with this Shaka Necklace. Whether you’re exploring the beaches or simply enjoying everyday life, let the Shaka Necklace radiate positivity and remind you of the warm and welcoming spirit of Hawaii. Elevate your look and share the Aloha spirit with this cherished accessory from Aloha Adventure Farms!

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Dimensions 9.5 in

Sterling Silver, Gold Filled