Tiki Carving #12


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Forged from the revered Hau wood, this Tiki emanates an aura of strength and resilience, resonating with the warrior spirit within us all. As the mighty God of War and Protector, “Ku” instills fearlessness and empowers us to overcome life’s challenges.

Bring the “Ku” Tiki into your home or sacred space, and feel the energy of a guardian deity watching over you and your loved ones. Channel the ancient wisdom of Hawaii and embrace the spiritual significance this Tiki holds.

Shop now and awaken the spirit of “Ku” from Aloha Adventure Farms. Imbue your life with its captivating presence, allowing its empowering energy to guide your journey with courage and protection. Experience the unique essence of this extraordinary work of art, an ode to the brave guardian within.

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Weight 15.1 oz
Dimensions 11 × 5.5 × 6 in