Tiki Carving #17


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Introducing our “Lono” Tiki, a symbol of good luck and happiness, thoughtfully handcrafted from exquisite Monkey Pod wood. Named after the Hawaiian deity of fertility, agriculture, and rain, this Tiki embodies the spirit of abundance and positive energy.

The “Lono” Tiki exudes a sense of joy and prosperity, with its cheerful expression and welcoming demeanor. Each intricate detail, carefully etched by skilled artisans at Aloha Adventure Farms, reflects the devotion to preserving the cultural significance of this auspicious deity.

In Hawaiian mythology, Lono is associated with fruitful harvests, bountiful blessings, and the renewal of life. Owning this Tiki in your home or sacred space can attract positive vibes, encouraging a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the abundance that life has to offer.

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