Experience the beauty of Polynesian wood carving on the Big Island with our Polynesian Wood Carving Tour at Aloha Adventure Farms. Led by a 4th generation Master Carver from Tonga, this unique cultural experience lets you create your own authentic hand carved tiki using locally sourced materials. It’s a memorable family activity that leaves you with a piece of Hawaii to cherish for generations. Join us in discovering the essence of Polynesian culture right here in Hawaii. 

We assure you that you will have made the right choice once booking a Carving Tour! Mani Lavaka, a 4th generation Master Carver from Tonga, leads these tours and passionately pours his heart and soul into each tour. 

One of the most beautiful things about tikis is that each is 100% unique and there are no two that are perfectly alike. That being said, there are many different types of tikis and each has a different significance. On your tour, you will learn the cultural importance of their craft as well as the rich history behind them. 

Upon arriving at Aloha Adventure Farms, your tour guide will take you to our Carving Hale (Carving Hut)  in a UTV where you will get a glimpse of the farm. You will pass through the beautiful landscapes of Hawaii and after a short ride, will get to our Carving Hale. The breathtaking views, great company, and cultural experience will make this whole experience feel so personable and special. You will never want to leave! Your tour will last approximately 2 hours.

You may be wondering what makes our Polynesian Carving tours so unique and special. Well, besides the fact that you get to carve your own hand carved tiki, we pride ourselves in using locally sourced materials to make this experience as authentic as possible. We use Koa Wood which is special due to its beauty, rarity, and symbolic meeting. This type of wood only grows in Hawaii and it has deep roots leading to ancient Hawaiian history. 

Wood carving Hawaii is a perfect family-friendly activity where your family can bond together, learn about and fully immerse in the Polynesian culture, and take your own souvenir home with you! We promise that you and your family will be talking about this experience for a long, long time! Not only is it memorable, but it is so special to feel a connection to Hawaii’s culture. To participate in our Carving tours, children must be at least 8 years old. Child pricing is from ages 8-15 years old. For any children under that age, they may accompany a paid adult. 

How memorable is it that you not only get to carve and create your own unique hand carved tiki, AND you also get to take it home with you?! Our guests love this detail from the tour and often say that it feels like they are taking a piece of “paradise” home with them. Likewise, they love that they were able to feel fully immersed in the Polynesian culture and were able to learn so much. Something special about our Polynesian Carving tours is that groups are intimate, usually resulting in a maximum of 6 guests. This allows you to become more personable with your tour guide and feel special on your tour.

Overall, our carving tours are a perfect option for those who would love to show their artistic side and learn valuable information about the beautiful Hawaiian culture. This Polynesian cultural experience is a wonderful family memory where you can leave with a token of Aloha wherever you may go. We feel so lucky to know and work with Mani Lavaka, a highly sought-after 4th generation Master Carver from Tonga. He truly shows the Aloha spirit and helps all who take this tour have an incredible experience. 

If you would like to also enjoy the thrill at Aloha Adventure Farms, you can book our combo package deal which includes both the Polynesian ATV and Carving Tour. What’s the catch? You save 10% on your whole purchase at checkout – no code needed! We encourage you to join us on our Big Island tours to enjoy a unique Polynesian cultural experience on the Big Island of Hawaii.

If you can’t make it to Hawaii, our online store offers exquisite tiki wood carving sculptures, each piece rich in Hawaiian tradition and crafted by local artisans on the Big Island. Perfect for adding a touch of Aloha spirit to any space, these unique carvings make for memorable gifts or personal keepsakes. Explore our collection and bring the magic of Hawaii into your life today!