Looking for some thrilling Kona adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii? Look no further! The Big Island is a popular destination for tourists due to its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and diverse range of activities and attractions. There are a variety of ways to stay busy on the Big Island, but one adventure you’ll want to be sure to include is an ATV tour with Aloha Adventure Farms. Big Island ATV tours are an incredible way to see all that our beautiful local landscape has to offer. With an Aloha Adventure Farms‘ ATV Tour, you’ll be immersed in Polynesian culture, too! 

Our all-time favorite Kona adventures include:

Volcanoes National Park

Get your bags packed and buckle up for your Big Island trip of a lifetime! Starting off strong with National Parks – One of the most popular national parks on the Island of Hawaii is Volcanoes National Park. If you aren’t familiar with Hawaii, you may have heard all about Volcanoes making it seem like it’s the only national park on the island, which is false! There are plenty of other beautiful and local/tourist favorite state and national parks. We recommend going to as many as you have time for! The best part about all the parks we are going to mention in this blog: they are all here in Kona!

Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park 

Built in the 1960s, Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park is not just a marina, it is a cultural location well known for photography, bird watching, snorkeling, and just simply relaxing. In this marina, there are many beautiful, colorful and unique marine life, breathtaking scenery, and overall, Honokohau truly shows Hawaii’s beauty. And, of course, Kona sunsets are a favorite among all and at Honokohau Harbor, you get the most beautiful panoramic views.

Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary

It’s no secret that Hawaii has some of the most magical sceneries and ecosystems in the world. Whether you’re coming to Hawaii for a relaxing time or some epic Kona adventures, at Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary, you can fully immerse yourself in Hawaii’s unique nature and experience the diversity of this island.

Fun Fact: Parts of the movie Avatar 2 were shot at this sanctuary! Tours are offered every day include:

  • Guided Sanctuary Tours
  • Mindfulness Experiences
  • Workshops and Events
  • Photoshoots

Mo’okini Heiau

Did you know that the Big Island of Hawaii is home to one of the oldest and most sacred places of worship in Polynesia? Mo’okini Heiau is a sacred site to many Native Hawaiians and now, it’s a National Historical Landmark which allows you to visit this beauty! Mo’okini Heiau is located near the town of Hawi on the Big Island. On nps.gov, it states: “Mo’okini Heiau was built as a luakini heiau in the shape of a parallelogram – 267 feet long on the west, 250 feet on the east, 135 feet on the north, and 112 feet on the south. Stone walls made without any mortar using a dry stacking technique enclose the heiau. The walls are 10 feet wide at the base and are tapered both inside and out, varying in height from 7 to 14 feet. Hawaiian oral tradition says that the basalt rocks used to make the walls were passed hand to hand by thousands of men who formed a line from the Niuli’i area 10 miles to the east, to the site of the Mo’okini Heiau.”

Explore like a Local

Polynesia is a beautiful place full of rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes. We’re not sure about you guys, but when we visit a new place, we want to learn everything about that area and what is unique about it! This is why we created Aloha Adventure Farms. We incorporated fun, adventure, learning, thrill, and culture in one! Whether you are more of a meticulous crafty person or are down for any thrill and adventure when the opportunity is given, our tours are a perfect fit for you and your entire family. 

Big Island ATV tours are one of the most popular and tourist favorite activities to do, and what better way to discover Hawaii than to take an ATV tour in Hawaii?! Our two-hour tours will take you throughout the villages of Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and Hawaii, where you will learn more about their culture, language, and might even sample some traditional fruits along the way. 

One of our favorite things about our carving tours is that you not only get to be culturally immersed in the beauty of Polynesia, but you also get to take home a completely, one-of-a-kind souvenir that YOU made!!! Our two-hour Polynesian carving tour takes place with a highly sought-after 4th generation Master Carver direct from Tonga. Your tour guide, Mani, will take you and your group in a UTV to a carving hut overlooking the ocean. Talk about perfection!

Dare to be Adventurous with Outdoor Activities

Kona and surrounding areas offer a wide range of outdoor activities, including ATV tours of the Big Island, hiking, kayaking and horseback riding, allowing visitors to explore the Big Island’s diverse landscape and natural beauty.

Experience the rugged terrain and natural beauty of the island like never before as you traverse forests, valleys, and even experience  thousands of years’ worth of culture in an untouched Hawaiian jungle where ancient Hawaiians once lived, worked, and played with one of our local tour guides on our Big Island ATV tour.

Feel the Sand Between Your Toes

The Big Island has many beautiful beaches, including Kikaua Point Beach Park, Manini’owalu Beach at Kua Bay and ‘Alula Beach. Relaxing on the beach is a great finish to a day full of exploration of Hawaii’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. 

What’s a Hawaii vacation without some beach fun? The big island of Hawaii has it all when it comes to diverse beaches. There are green sand beaches, black sand beaches, lava rock beaches, sandy beaches, and the list goes on and on. We wanted to share a few of our favorite local beaches with you all:

  • Kikaua Point Beach Park:
    • 17 miles from downtown Kona.
    • To access, you need to enter through a resort – beaches are public once entered.
    • Parking is limited.
    • Beautiful paved trail surrounded by lava rock to get to the beach.
    • Lots of beautiful grassy patches, palm trees, man-made cove.
    • White, sandy beach
    • Kikaua Beach is great for kids!
  • Manini’owali Beach
    • Some of Kona’s clearest ocean views.
    • Almost a mile full of white-sand beach surrounded by lava rock and a turquoise reef.
    • Great for swimming, snorkeling, enjoying the sun, etc.
    • Stunning sunsets that reflect on the water!
    • Restrooms, parking lot, showers, and picnic tables are available. 
  • Alula Beach
    • Sea turtles are seen here often!
    • Perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.
    • No lifeguards are available, but waters are relatively calm.
    • Beautiful lava rocks are throughout this beach.
    • Located near Honokohau Harbor in Kona.
    • Rock walls prevent waves from hitting the shore.
    • Shallow waters are perfect for keiki (children)!

The Big Island offers all sorts of fun, cultural activities and Kona adventures for the entire family. Whether you are traveling alone or are bringing a whole group with you, we hope this blog was able to help you create the itinerary of your dreams!

Overall, Aloha Adventure Farms on the Big Island of Hawaii offers visitors a unique and memorable experience, with plenty of opportunities for adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration. Be sure to book a Big Island tour in advance to make sure we have room for you and your entire group. We’ll see you around Kona!