7 x 7 Koa Wood Bowl


Hand carved wooden bowl made from Koa wood.

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Introducing our 7×7 Koa Wood Bowl, skillfully handcrafted right here on the island by talented local artisans. Made from locally sourced Koa wood, this exquisite bowl captures the natural beauty and elegance that defines Koa wood craftsmanship. Its generous size and intricate detailing make it a stunning centerpiece for your home or a thoughtful gift to cherish. Embrace the spirit of Aloha and support local artisans with this exceptional Koa wood bowl, a testament to the rich heritage of Hawaiian craftsmanship. Own a true piece of Hawaii with this locally made Koa wood bowl, exclusively available at Aloha Adventure Farms!

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Weight 10.2 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 6.5 in

Koa Wood