Tiki Carving #14


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With intricate detailing and commanding presence, the “Ku” Tiki stands as a symbol of fearlessness and unwavering protection. The Hau wood, known for its unique properties and sacred significance, adds an authentic touch to this powerful piece, making it an exceptional representation of Hawaiian culture and mythology.

In Hawaiian tradition, “Ku” is revered as a powerful God of War and a guardian of the land. Owning this remarkable Tiki connects you to the warrior spirit, inspiring you to overcome challenges and obstacles with resilience and valor.

Embrace the strength and guardianship of the “Ku” Tiki, allowing its powerful presence to inspire and protect you in every aspect of life. Display it in your home or sacred space as a representation of courage, strength, and spiritual significance.

Shop now and experience the might and meaning of the “Ku” Tiki from Aloha Adventure Farms. Celebrate the God of War and Protector within, and let this extraordinary work of art enrich your life with its empowering energy.

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Weight 17.2 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 6 in