Learning about different cultures is one of the main things that inspire us to travel!  It can be mind-blowing to know that there are different ways to cook food, make clothing, and even communicate with each other.  Experiencing these cultural differences allows us to appreciate people from around the world and their history.  While you may not be able to physically travel beyond Hawaii to Tonga, Fiji, and Samoa, we try our best to give you a taste of what makes them amazing!

At Aloha Adventure Farms, we offer Big Island adventures that are different from the typical high-adrenaline offerings.  Our Polynesian wood carving tour offers adventure seekers traveling in Hawaii a unique perspective to the island and its cultural roots.  We are proud to offer activities to families, couples, and other groups of travelers who want a more meaningful experience during their vacation. 

Here are our top 3 reasons to immerse yourself in a cultural tour while visiting Hawaii:

  1. Teach your family the value of knowing other cultures.
  2. Interact with a local on another level.
  3. Leave this experience with an heirloom keepsake.

1. Teach your family the value of knowing other cultures.

Cultural tours give travelers the opportunity to see a place through a new lens, engage themselves in their surroundings, and create memories that will truly last.  One of our favorite comments from a guest was that “he wished he had visited our place at the beginning our his trip to Hawaii.”  He said, “he would have understood and been able to enjoy so much more of what he saw and did during the rest of his vacation.”

2. Interact with a local on another level.

The tour guides that work at Aloha Adventure Farms are from all different walks of life.  Sit and “talk story” with your master carver from Tonga while you create an amazing and unique tiki to take home.  He was born and raised in Tonga but now raises his family on the Big Island.  Learn about village life, why his family immigrated to Hawaii, and how he instills the roots of his culture with his family today.  Our ATV guides are born and raised in Hawaii but have roots in Samoa.  Learn about their journey back from the island of Samoa as they dig deeper into their culture.  Laugh with them and find out what it’s really like to live here in paradise. You don’t want to miss this Big Island ATV Tour

3. Leave this experience with an heirloom keepsake

When you go on a vacation it’s always fun to take a little piece of your experience home with you.  There isn’t another experience on the island where you can create with a master carver your very own tiki carved with locally sourced wood.  A tiki in Polynesian culture is an important part of their history and culture.  It is not uncommon today for people to still use them as protection from various things such as infertility.

Even though Hawaii is a US state, it is still a part of the Polynesian sub-region in Oceania. With over 1,000 islands in the Pacific, the Polynesian culture is ingrained in the history of Hawaii and the lives of the Hawaiian people. One of the best ways to experience the Polynesian culture on the Big Island is by experiencing five-star Big Island adventures at Aloha Adventure Farms!  

We can’t wait to welcome you to our ‘Ohana!