Welcome to Kona, Hawaii! Where the skies are blue, the ocean is calling your name, nature is as beautiful as ever, and on the mountain side — or as the locals call it, Mauka side — awaits one of the most adventure-filled and engaging Big Island ATV tours of all time!

Aloha Adventure Farms sits on the mountainside of Kona and is filled with adventure and excitement for the whole family! Upon arrival at our farm, you will be greeted by the warmest welcome from mother nature and our friendly staff who are committed to making this trip memorable for you. Whether you ride on an ATV or an UTV throughout our property, you will learn about the unique culture of our neighboring islands. You are guaranteed to have the ultimate Hawaiian vacation! PS: we also offer an epic Polynesian Wood Carving Tour too. 

Why is our ATV tour the best?

The beauty of this island is no joke and our property is no exception! On this tour, you are embraced with the warmth and story behind various Polynesian cultures. As you travel amongst our trails and beyond the trees, you will have the most beautiful, panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. While taking in all of this beauty, you will stop at the following islands located on our property: Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, and last but not least, the Islands of Hawaii. 

three photos of our hawaii atv tour

While there are endless possibilities of things to do on Hawaii Island, taking a moment to participate in a tour at Aloha Adventure Farms will help prepare you for the things you are about to see and do in Hawaii.  Not only will you get to hang out with a couple of local guides, but you will learn about some of the fruits, words, traditions, cultural practices, and people that you may encounter on your vacation.  We hope that taking the time to learn about our island and the Polynesian culture, it will greatly enrich your entire Hawaiian stay.  

If you or your loved ones are planning to travel to our island and are worried because our ATV tours require riders who are 16 years and older, or if have people in your group who don’t feel comfortable riding on an ATV— do not fret! We can arrange for one of our employees to be your personal Hawaiian wela (chauffeur in Hawaiian) as you sit back and relax with the views, delicious fruits, and our breathtaking Kona side beauty. We are here to offer the ultimate family-friendly experience.

If your travels take you to Kauai instead of the Big Island, we recommend you check out our friends over at Kauai ATV!

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Looking for more adventures?

Yes, Aloha Adventure Farms has an epic ATV tour, but we also offer a one-of-a-kind Polynesian Wood Carving Tour that is perfect for the whole family. What a bonus! Each tour will be taught how to carve your own authentic wood carving by a highly sought-after 4th generation Master Carver direct from Polynesia. An interesting fun fact about this tour is that the wood each participant carves on is locally grown here at our farm on the Big Island! We hope you will feel and remember the rich culture that Hawaii offers.

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three epic photos of our carving tour