Ever feel like Summer isn’t long enough? If so, extending your summer vacation to Hawaii in the fall might be a good idea! Fall in Hawaii offers great seasonal food, beautiful weather, and an unforgettable vacation! Even better though, the season can also provide benefits such as: fewer tourists, less competition for bookings, and cheaper deals! If you are looking for a nice escape in the fall, here are a couple of things you might want to consider before you start planning your Hawaiian vacation! 

Fall Trip Planning Considerations

  1. Low Season for Tourism
  2. The Weather
  3. Affordability

1. Low Season for Tourism

Fall in Hawaii might be the best time to visit considering that it is our least busy season of the year! This can provide more opportunities to book those tours you’ve been wanting on and to enjoy the secluded beaches in Hawaii that probably would’ve been busy in the Summer. Not to mention, hotel bookings might be easier and cheaper to get considering the small competition in tourism during this time. Fall in Hawaii is considered low season from August- November, so take advantage now, and enjoy your tropical vacation in the fall! 

2. The Weather

Although fall in Hawaii is notorious for perfect weather and sunny beaches, Hawaii fall weather is also associated with Hurricane season! Not to worry, we know what you’re thinking, and no it is unlikely for any hurricanes to be hitting the Hawaiian Islands. However, there might be a slightly higher chance of Hawaiian rain showers during the day/night, but certainly not enough to ruin your vacation! The Hawaiian island that you choose can also affect the weather during this season. The Big Island in particular experiences less rainfall than the other islands, so I would place your bets on the Big Island being the best island to visit in the fall.  

3. Affordability

Without a doubt, Hawaii is the best time to visit during the fall for a cost-conscious individual. During the fall, prices are typically lower with better deals on activities and tours. Air Fare will likely be less as well! 

A man on a hike looking out at the coastline of Hawaii

Image from Kamchatka

Fall Activity Suggestions on the Big Island!

  1. Volcano National Park
  2. Aloha Adventure Farms ATV tour and Polynesian Carving Tour
  3. Big Island Chocolate Festival

1. Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

Have you ever seen an active volcano? If not, we would definitely recommend visiting Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii! This national state park is the designated home to two local volcanos, including the most active one, Kilauea. You can start your day off at the Park, and visit with local Rangers that will suggest certain activities that are available for you to do. You can participate in the Crater Rim drive, or even visit the Halemaumau Crater or Puu Oo Vent! We would recommend visiting these places when it’s a little bit darker at night so you can see the glow from the lava coming from the ground. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience! 

A view of lava spewing from a volcano at Volcanos Nation Park

Image from Lorenz Merle

2. Aloha Adventure Farms ATV tour and Polynesian Carving Tour

Aloha Adventure Farms is located in Kailua-Kona, Big Island and is perfect for an adventurous Polynesian experience! We’ve offer two separate tours, Big Island ATV Tours, and Polynesian wood carving tours! Both are so amazing, and provide a personable experience of Hawaii and its culture! Each tour is perfect for families, couples, and individuals, so book your tour with Aloha Adventure Farms today! 

A woman riding a red ATV on the Big Island in Hawaii

3. Big Island Chocolate Festival              

Do you like chocolate? And do you like festivals? If you do, then go visit the Big Island Chocolate Festival in the fall! This festival is a fundraiser that supports and goes towards beneficiaries and cacao education. A silent auction is held and you can bid on Big Island chocolate! The 2022 Seminar schedule includes a cacao plantation tour, chocolate culinary demonstrations, and so much more! While visiting the Big Island in the fall, go support the local chocolate industry on the Big Island of Hawaii! 

Chunks and flakes of chocolate

Image from fortyforks