Why come to Hawaii without experiencing the Polynesian culture in Hawaii? It’s like going to San Francisco and not going on the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s a must, right? When visiting Hawaii or in particular the Big Island, it’s crucial to the experience to learn about the Hawaiian Culture from local parts of the island. The most memorable experiences come from eating local food, participating in outsider activities, and creating your own souvenirs to take home with you in memory of your great Hawaiian adventure! The question is: Where are the best places to visit in order to achieve the full experience? Perfect for you guys, because we know of a couple of great places for you guys to visit on the Big Island in order to learn more about the ancient Hawaiian culture! 


  1. Big Island ATV Tour at Aloha Adventure Farms
  2. Polynesian Wood Carving Tour at Aloha Adventure Farms
  3. Swimming with the Manta Rays
  4. Local Luaus
  5. Visiting the Captain Cook Monument

1. ATV Polynesian Tour

Looking for an adventure that leads up to an unforgettable Polynesian tour in Hawaii? Aloha Adventure Farms has got you covered! This business is located in Kailua-Kona, Big Island, and can provide the full Polynesian experience! When you arrive at Aloha Adventure Farms, you’ll hop onto some ATVs that you’ll drive up into the jungle of historic Holualoa! You’ll be able to spot some Hawaiian plants on the drive up to the first island, Hawaii, after Hawaii, Fiji, after Fiji, Tonga, and after Tonga, Samoa. On each Island, you’ll be able to experience a personable tour including local tastes, activities, and old Polynesian traditions! Be sure to visit our website to book your Big Island ATV Tour today!

A red ATV parked in front of Aloha Adventure Farms

2. Polynesian Carving Tour

Aren’t we all looking for a cool souvenir to take back home and brag about to all of our friends? Well, we’ve got ya covered! At Aloha Adventure Farms we have a separate adventure tour for carving! You’ll be carving a tiki with a master carver from Tonga who will teach you the old Tongan ways of carving a piece of wood into a masterpiece! On this Polynesian Wood Carving Tour, you’ll be able to choose what you want your tiki to represent. No matter what you choose your tiki to represent, it will surely be a unique souvenir to take back home to represent the incredible Polynesian culture in Hawaii.  Take it from us, you won’t regret this experience! This is one of our personal favorite family-friendly big island adventures.

A tour group carving a tiki at Aloha Adventure Farms

3. Swimming with the Manta Rays

What is more local than swimming with actual Manta Rays in Hawaii? We’ll wait… if you guys think of something, DM us on Instagram or Facebook (@AlohaAdventureFarms), we love hearing from you guys! Honestly, snorkeling with the Manta Rays is an experience that can never be forgotten! The tours typically take place later in the night, and you’ll have amazing tour guides that’ll keep you comfortable and safe! They’ll point out the manta rays, their sizes, and their age! How cool is that? The next time you plan your trip to the Big Island, don’t forget to book your adventure with the Manta Rays!

An evening tour group snorkeling with manta rays on the big island

Image from Klook

4. Local Luaus

On the Big Island, there are many Luaus you can discover around the island! Mainly they take place in hotels like the Hilton, but you’ll without a doubt have the experience to last a lifetime! Luaus typically include delicious local food, fire dancing, and Hawaiian cultural activities and music! We would highly recommend going to a Luau while you are in Hawaii!

luau on the Big Island

5. Visiting the Captain Cook Monument

Lastly, want to learn more about Hawaiian history? If you’re planning your trip to Big Island, we would highly recommend visiting the Captain Cook Monument. Whether you hike to the monument or ride to the monument by boat! Learning more about Hawaiian history will give you an understanding of how Hawaii came to be Hawaii today! You can look at the monument and read about its history.  If you’re looking to take a dip, you can jump in the ocean where you snorkel with colorful fish and wild dolphins! Either way, it’s a beautiful, historical, only on the Big Island type of activity! We would highly recommend this experience on the Big Island of Hawaii! 

Looking out from sea at the Captain Cook Memorial on the big island of Hawaii

Like we said before, why come to Hawaii without experiencing Polynesian culture in Hawaii? The answer is: Don’t! Consider these once-in-a-lifetime Hawaii cultural activities on the Big Island, and discover the reason why people love coming to the Big Island of Hawaii!